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Saturday, June 22, 2013

Wall Art

Used to posters lining my walls at school, I decided I needed cheap and theoretically easy (although it took a little longer then expected) wall art. After cleaning out my room, I had a large stack of magazines, and, after an easy Internet search, I found some 6" letter stencils, and printed and cut them out. (I used freealphabetstencils.org. Just beware of the popups!) Then, I searched the ads in my old magazines, and proceeded to trace the stencils onto the interesting and intriguing landscape and patterned ads I found. Here is the final result (sorry about the below-average image quality, it does look much better on my wall!):

Ta-da! Easy wall art that costs virtually nothing, and you can use any quote or saying! (I used Hebrews 6:19). A previously blank spot on my wall is now updated, interesting, and memorable with this easy DIY!

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