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Friday, June 14, 2013

An ugly dresser redo

Since being out of school for the summer and itching to start a new project (before I started working...) I decided my room needed a dresser to store clothes that I had accumulated after being at college for nine months and also as a place to keep my ever-growing craft supply. After searching Craigslist for a few weeks, I finally found this beauty for 5 bucks about 10 miles from my house. Well, it doesn't get any better than that, so I bought it without much thought. You never know what you're gonna get with Craigslist, and, sure enough, just like almost every Craigslist purchase, my mom and I got a kick out of the fact that the people selling it were graduating college students, moving out to go back home, and there I was buying it. As I was handing them money, we talked about college and majors. Funny how things get new homes.


Now, there was a reason it was only $5. It was unstable, the handles were broken, it smelled like old people and cigarettes (not sure how that happened considering the girls we bought it from...), and, frankly, it was pretty ugly. After some sanding, nails and wood glue, a few coats of spray paint, the genius idea to go to Sherwin Williams and get expired wallpaper books (thanks, mom!), a couple bottles of Mod Podge, and a sale on handles at the local, trusty Fred Meyer (only $1 a piece!!), the redo cost me probably $20 and 6-7 hours of work. Anddd the after shot:

Yeah, I know, it doesn't even look like the same dresser. Trust me, it is. This just proves that a dresser meant for the junk yard can become a usable, attractive piece of furniture (along with giving me the faith that I can do it!). So, get inspired and creative, find some great deals (hit up garage sales, Craigslist, and thrift stores!), and don't be afraid to DIY!

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