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Saturday, June 15, 2013

Teen Dance

Last night I worked my first Teen Dance at the YMCA. My designated job, assigned upon arrival, was to patrol the dance floor, which turned out to be a very interesting experience to say the least. The students were 5th-8th graders from two different middle schools. I observed and realized far too many things to not make a note of them, so what follows is a brief summary of the night:

  1. I got asked to dance by probably a 6th-7th grade boy on a dare. Of course I told him "no" because that is against the rules. His friends clapped after he asked me. 
  2. Middle schoolers are taller than I remember. Most of the kids were taller than me, or maybe I'm just shorter than I like to admit. I blended right in with them. Good thing I was wearing my staff shirt.
  3. I had three different boys literally dancing in circles around me multiple times throughout the night. I ignored them and they eventually stopped. My coworkers, who gave them the attention they were seeking, weren't so lucky. Just one of many instances were my education classes are preparing me well for working with kids (as they should be!).
  4. During the slow dances, my fellow "dance watchers" decided to start counting how many people kissing we saw. Throughout the night, we counted five different couples (?) kissing. A few of them appeared to be couples and a few were dares (I know because I witnessed the whole dare play out. Middle schoolers don't hide planning, whispering, and scheming very well). THEY ARE IN MIDDLE SCHOOL. Something seems wrong with that. Geez.
  5. My coworkers and I had a ton of fun both getting to know each other better and making fun of the kids at the dance and their hilarious antics. 
  6. When the DJ announced that he was going to play the last slow song of the night, the various groups started to hook each other up with people to dance with. Some kids were still planning as the song ended, so they missed their chance. It was pretty funny as the couples lined up as they danced, all the girls shoulder to shoulder and same with the boys, practically standing on lines of the basketball court. 
  7. I was shocked with the selection of songs the DJ chose to play and how well the kids knew the songs. Most of them were Top 40, overplayed garbage. 
Overall, I had a ton of fun, many stories to tell, and I'm so glad the middle school years are behind me! As an added bonus, it was the easiest money I've made in awhile!

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